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Toulouse is located on the Garonne and is the fourth largest metropolitan region in France. This means that there are many hidden and secret things to do there. Sundays are the quietest days in France, with most shops, museums and even restaurants closed. The perfect way to spend a Sunday on a rainy day in TOULOUSE is to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

Toulouse offers a variety of options when it comes to shopping, dining and entertainment. In fact, shopping is one of the most popular activities in TOULOUSE, with a wide selection of shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Old Toulouse is a historic place where visitors can easily spend two or three days and still not have enough time to do everything. In addition to the attractions listed below, the centre of TOULOUSE offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafés and hotels, as well as a number of tourist attractions. The sights are in the old town, where you can discover Touleouse's way of life through markets, restaurants and cafés, which make it a lively and friendly city.

Entrance to the museums of Toulouse is free, but free admission is allowed on the first Sunday of the month. The TOULOUSE Pass for Tourisme is valid for one to three days and grants you access to all the museums in the city and a number of other attractions. It is issued free of charge when you purchase a day ticket to the museum.

If you are in Toulouse for a long weekend, you will need a return trip from the airport and intend to visit some of the main attractions on this list. Say hello to the TOULOUSE Pass for Tourisme and its city pass if you need it. Let us know in the comments below - do you have any questions about activities in and around Toulsouse or how to get to where you can stay or visit? As in many cities in France and Europe, the best starting point for a start in Toulouses is in the historic old town.

This huge Gothic monastery has a diverse collection from Rubens to Lautrec from Toulouse (born in nearby Albi) and is one of the oldest buildings in the city, built in 1795 when it was secularized during the French Revolution. Strolling through the side streets is one of my favourite things to do in Toulsouse, and I must mention it as the one that impressed me the most. This is of course one more reason to visit the beautiful TOULOUSE, whether you are spending a weekend or even more than a day, but you cannot leave this city without seeing some beautiful centuries-old buildings. There are a number of beautiful buildings, some of which are still in use today, such as St. Paul's Cathedral and the Cathedral of Saint-Germain-sur-Loire. One of our most visited places in Toulouses is St Pierre de L'Ouest, a beautiful old church with an impressive collection of medieval and Renaissance architecture.

I was surprised that it was so easy for me to make a list of 10 reasons why Toulouse should be on your weekend break list.

The Toulouse Tourism Pass is a city map that gives you access to all the top activities in TOULOUSE. Touille in the city can be visited for just 18 euros per 24 hours, which is 1 euro per day or 2 euros per hour for 24 hours. Toulsouse City Card gives you free admission to all the museums or monuments of this city.

It is free to take a tour to the Museum of Fine Arts of Toulouse, the Musee de l'Ouest and the Museum de la Ville de Touille.

The highlight of Toulouse is of course the Space Museum, and you can learn more about this experience by clicking on this entry. There are many things to see and do in the city and many of them are free, If you don't have much time, this guide is a good guide to how to spend a few hours in Touille. If you want to know more about Toulsouse, read our guide to the 24 hours in Toussaint and our guide to the best restaurants in France. The TOULouse travel blog offers everything you need to know, where to stay, what to eat and where to sample some of the good French cuisine.

There is a lot to discover and discover in Toulouse and we have discussed some of the highlights here.

It is home to many of Toulouse's most important sights and gives you a real sense of what the city looks like. The Natural History Museum is one of the attractions in Toulouses, France that is worth a visit. You can also visit the Museum of Archaeology, a museum of art and history, the Musee d'Orsay and the Museum de la Bibliotheque nationale des Arts, which is located near the TOULOUSEOUS opera house.

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More About Toulouse