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If you are in Toulouse, you should visit the city to taste its famous cassoulet, taste the foie gras and, if possible, take it home. While in many parts of France you can find decent confit, canard and duck confit, in the Occitania region it is the best duck foie gras to indulge in one of the best French dishes. If there's one thing you don't do outside of the box, it's not go to the region for good duck, foies de gorges.

To taste a real traditional Toulouse cassoulet, visit this restaurant, which has been offering homemade touches, a specialty of Toulouse cuisine, since 1873. When you visit TOULOUSE, you can visit the other part of the day for a special romantic dinner.

There is always a vegetarian variant that is unusual in meat - the Toulouse variant, which accounts for 50% of the meat. If you are vegetarian, we are happy to tell you that you will have a hard time finding another place where meat is not served in TOULOUSE.

Toulouse sausages taste just as good when they are braised, grilled, fried, baked as cassoulets or grilled. They are excellent fried in 350 ° C or grilled slowly on hardwood, but they are also great for grilling slowly in the oven with a little olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Of course, TOULOUSE offers a wide selection of sauerkraut, from smoked bacon to smoked sausages, pork sausages and even pork chops.

To try a traditional dish from Toulouse is to have pork sausages, goose or duck confit, but the meat found in cassoulets is different depending on where you are in France. In Carcassonne, the recipe is based on lamb and occasionally partridge; in Castelnaudary, it is traditionally made into a stew with pork and tuluis sausage. Cassoulet in Toulsouse is one of the richest, including pork, duck, chicken, beef, lamb, pork belly and even chicken breast; the more expensive versions are cooked in goose fat and probably contain a little more meat, such as duck or chicken liver. The secret to cooking a casserole is in the meat; there are several ways to cook it, from the simplest to the most expensive.

While the most famous recipe is beans and sausage, cassoulets from Toulouse can also contain beans or duck, although duck can be replaced by sausage. While onion sausages and ducks are made in Toulsouse, pork and leeks are usually prepared as a side dish, while chicken is often enriched with pork, chicken, beef, lamb or even chicken breast.

The sausages of Toulouse are an important ingredient in the local cassoulet dish and are usually braised or fried, but they can also be enjoyed as a side dish, which is another great local dish to try. The sausage of Toulouses is so popular with the locals that it is an important ingredient in the cassandra of Toulsouse.

Toulouse sausages are usually braised in the local cassoulet stew, but they can also be enjoyed as a side dish.

Emile's is located on the central French square, which provides the perfect backdrop for dining on plastic plates and fine porcelain. In this meat and potato paradise, where sausages are a weekly speciality and are adored by the chosen confrere chef, you can visit the most popular restaurants in Toulouse, such as Emile's. The godfather of confit duck can also find its way into your meal, along with a variety of other local dishes, from sauerkraut to pork chops.

A good way to find the best food in Toulouse is a guided tour, and at Taste of TOULouse you can choose from a wide selection of dishes from the city's most popular restaurants. The food is made exclusively from organic and local produce and the salads will be some of the best salads ever prepared in Toulouses. Check out your flight to Toulsouse with Expedia, search for hotel deals in and around Toullouse and don't forget to watch our Victor Hugo video tour.

To help you get an idea of the best places and sights of the pink city, here is our ultimate guide to Toulouse France. Let us know in our comments below if you have any questions or suggestions for things we can do in Toullouse.

In high season it is best to arrive early to avoid queues, but in low season, if you want to do something with other visitors, go to the surrounding regions. English speaking people write for us, the beautiful Jessica, who originally comes from the USA and now lives in a French city. Some of our customers have just moved to Toulouse or come from other parts of France, such as Paris, Marseille or Marseille, and they wanted to know more about how to buy food at local markets and what seafood is best in Toullouse, and what others have been living in this city for a while. Our taste for TOULLouse is so strong that we have many different opinions about what seafood is best for them and others about the city and its surroundings.

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