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Travellers from all over the world arrive at Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport to start their journey to the city's famous tourist attractions. From there, visitors can fly to the airport itself, 11 km west of the cities, before taking a shuttle bus to the city centre and back. After buying souvenirs and travel gear, you can head back to your hotel for a quick lunch or dinner in a local restaurant or bar.

If you stay in a hotel in the centre of Toulouse, you can visit the Basilica of St. Sernin, built in the 13th century. The most important church is the Cathedral of St Etienne, whose fame is partly due to the wonderful architectural mix. Its pink-tinted buildings and ornate facade give the centre of Toulouse the nickname of "La Ville de la Rose."

The Garonne River divides the city into two parts, with the river lining the trees and the Canal du Midi flowing through them to the north and east. A beautiful street that can be walked towards the rivers is the Rue Emile Cartailhac, lined with charming cafés and magnificent residences, and one of the most beautiful streets in Toulouse.

If you want to stay near the Place du Capitole, the Hotel du Taur is one of the best places in Toulouse, and if you are looking for something different, this is also one of the best places to stay on Rue Emile Cartailhac, a beautiful street in the city centre. The Sö building is a good place to make your way through the winding cobbled streets that few cars dare venture. It is located on a winding, cobbled road that few cars, if any, drive on, but it is a wonderful place to explore on foot.

This is ideal for people on a small budget, and if you combine the benefits below, it can become a bargain. In low season, prices here are often very reasonable, but it is the peak season for tourists, so if they prefer a quieter and potentially cheaper Alternatively, consider coming from May to September. It has been converted into an apartment building with a bar, restaurant and even a gym and fitness centre, but this is perfect for a short stay in Toulouse.

If you want to spend a fun holiday with your family, the locals recommend a visit to La Cite l'Espace, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Toulouse. If you are interested in space, planes or flights of any kind, this is an interesting place to spend a few hours, and if you want to broaden your search, have a look at our recommendation of Lot - Dordogne.

We chose two nights in Nice, which are part of the Gold Passport category five and bring 18,000 points per night. As for the other amenities of the hotel, there is a combined indoor and outdoor pool, which was quite nice. The Diamond amenities included a bottle of red wine and a cracker spread, and for our second stay we chose a two-night stay at a hotel in Toulouse with an indoor and outdoor pool.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant, which is probably one of our favourite aspects of the hotel. We ate on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean and we really do not think a Disney-style tour is necessary. There is a nice buffet, but it is not as good as the restaurants in the other hotels in Toulouse, so I like it very much.

But above all we love the city of Nice and decided to spend a few days there. When we originally planned our trip, we had decided against going directly to Cannes and flying to Nice, but we liked the facilities and the staff were friendly throughout. The exterior of the hotel is pretty damn impressive and it almost feels a bit like a Greek pillar. What's more, we found it to be a great summit, even though it's not as big as the Grand Hyatt in Cannes.

The Grand Hotel de L'Opera, converted into a monastery, now offers magnificent views of the city and beautiful views of the Mediterranean and Atlantic. It has been around since 844 AD and has added some more elaborate parts to create an interesting Gothic, Romanesque and extravagant wonder. The hotel has a kitchenette with bar, hair salon and even restaurant.

The Capitole is the Rose Heart of Toulouse, a beautiful square lined with important halls, churches and municipal buildings. It does not take long to discover the wonderful murals, which have a great view of the city and its many monuments and monuments. The table in Toulsouse is a little different from other borders, brandades and tapenades, which are also influenced by other border brandades, which are more reminiscent of tapensade.

The room is beautifully decorated by European standards and is mostly filled with pictures of Russian men talking on their mobile phones or checking themselves in the mirror. On the right side there is a bathroom with toilet in a separate room, on the left side there is a minibar and a wardrobe.

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More About Toulouse