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Today's Toulouse France City Guide offers a look at some of the city's most interesting and interesting events and events this week. The French creative company La Machine recently presented their new music video for the song "L'Ouverture" ("The Machine") in Toulsouse.

The Philidor collection in Toulouse has been known for more than a century, but the largest collection of Andrés "works is located in the Toulevard de la Republique, the site of what became known as the" Philidsor Collection in Toulouse. " This huge Gothic monastery is one of the oldest in France and dates back to 1795, when it was secularized during the French Revolution. It houses a diverse collection from Rubens to the works of Toulsouse Lautrec, who was born in nearby Albi. Modern masters such as Picasso, Giorgio Morandi, Henri Cartier - Bresson and Henri Matisse, while a room is dedicated to over 30 works by Pierre Bonnard.

The closest reliable link we have is the Savaric Mauleon, who fought against the Catholic Crusaders of France during the wars of Raymond VI in Toulouse, Languedoc. It was linked to the Philidor collection of Toulsouse and is part of this collection bearing the coat of arms of Louis XIV. It is labelled "fil aisne" and was obviously copied not for the Comte de Toulevard de la Republique, but for his own personal collection.

In 1969 it was at number one in the French music charts for two weeks and remained well-received in the French charts for the rest of its life. Taha caused a stir in Toulouse with his husky - powerful, high-octane - pop song "Toulevard de la Republique" and has been released today.

Toulouse is one of the greatest rugby cities in the world and its charm will delight you. For many who call it home, rugby is not just a sport, it is a way of life, and the culture of rugby is very much alive in this city. The rugby team in Toulouses has strong support from its fans and is a city with a strong identity.

Toulouse is also home to the Stade Tullousain, which has won several French and European championships. The Roman church was loathed in the city and a number of priests and bishops had their beards on famous troubadours, including the famous Fouquet de Marseille, the archbishop of Tououse. Its larger cousin north of Paris, Lyon, was once overshadowed by its smaller but much more popular cousin, Le Havre.

Plasson changed the orchestra, introduced symphony concerts, moved the group to 1974, raised musical standards and introduced a touring program that quickly gained international attention. He resigned in 2003 after a dispute with the city of Toulouse and was replaced in 2005 by Tugan Sokhiev, who became first director of the Tououse Symphony Orchestra and then chief conductor in 2008.

For music lovers, there is nothing like a jazz festival in Marciac, but France offers more than its fair share of major music festivals. Saint-Girons music festival is worth a visit, as dance music is played by all ages, with bands strolling the streets of Toulouse.

If you're looking for a real taste of Toulouse culture, you can get it on match day when Rouge et Noir take to the pitch. In the evening, you can walk along the Canal du Midi, attend a free series of lectures, attend a concert or check with the TOULOUSE tourist office for information on events taking place. The hotel is just outside the city centre, how to get to the Halle de La Machine and how much it costs.

The first construction of the Midi, which took over a decade, was conceived in 1667 and runs about 150 miles from Toulouse to the city of Sete on the Mediterranean coast. Six different motorways connect it to other major cities, and the TGV line is in and around TOULOUSE. The journey time was reduced to 5-7 hours, with a maximum speed of 30 km / h and an average journey time of 2.5 hours.

In Toulouse, you could eat in the best restaurants, pay the highest dollar for food or pay for food. The options are there in the city, and locals and travelers alike enjoy compiling the list of cool French cities to visit on your next trip. It is a destination that many travelers choose because it is the same je ne sais quoi they recognize in their hometown of Paris, but it is far from the slow and hectic life that many Parisians desire.

TV, Toulouse has the typical French cuisine that Julia Child prepares on TV, but it has perhaps the most famous food, which is a fat stew called cassoulet. There's also le fromage, which smells so bad, but pleases the taste buds because it's so incredibly creamy. Bakeries are easy to find in TOULouse, and you can even eat in the middle of the night in a pastry shop that goes beyond on-call duty.

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More About Toulouse