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The second Olympic qualifying event for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games begins today in Toulouse, France. The gruelling competition season of the 2016 Rio Olympics has begun, with the first of its kind in the men's 200 m freestyle competition, the gruelling women's freestyle competition season and the first ever Olympic qualification.

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee announced today that it has proposed five sports to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), including sport climbing. IFSC President Marco Scolaris said: "The sport of climbing itself is striving to become an Olympic sport. The sport of climbing will be taking part in the Summer Olympics for the first time in 20 years, with a total of four events in Rio de Janeiro. Olympic athletes from around the world and are fighting to name the extremely strong athletes who are fighting today to keep their Olympic dreams alive.

As the top eight will be competing in the finals in Toulouse, six of them will qualify for Tokyo. He continued: "All eyes will be on the world's best climbers, some of whom, somewhat surprisingly, missed out on qualification last August.

The interior of the Capitol is worth a visit with its richly decorated halls, ornate ceilings and beautiful interior decoration. The chapel dedicated to Saint Thomas Aquinas is also inspired by the fact that his relics were kept temporarily in the place where a number of statues of him and a collection of his paintings are kept.

Toulouse, the fourth largest city in France, is also called La Ville Rose or the Pink City, because the reddish bricks used to build the city walls gave the city its name. The only splash of colour is the pale pink jersey worn in 2007 to mark the club's centenary, paying tribute to the pink city that was its cradle, Toulouse. French football, once overshadowed by its bigger cousin north of Paris, Lyon, but now founded by FC Toulouses.

In 1982 they entered the first division and finished third in their first season in the top flight with a record of 11 wins, four draws and four defeats. They have also hosted the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Cup Finals and hosted a number of international tournaments including the FIFA World Cup, European Cup and Euro 2012.

The mighty Stade Toulousain (Rugby) follows the teams of France and of course has its own stadium, the "Toulouse Stadium," which has represented the city since 1907 and has won the French Rugby Championship XV three times, which with a record of 11 wins, four draws and four defeats is considered the most successful stadium in the history of Rugby in France.

The club has been an icon in Toulouse since its inception in 1908, winning the French Rugby Union Championship 20 times and being European champions four times, making it the most successful club in the history of rugby in France. The club can look forward to an impressive swimming record with over 90 swimmers selected for the French national team.

The first club was founded in the 1890s and many players were part of the team nicknamed "Red Virgin" who became French champions in 1912. Rugby union was played in Toulouse at the end of the 19th century, with the first ever match between the two clubs in 1908. Not to mention that TO13 made sports fans proud of the Premier League on their way to the English Championship.

The Toulouse student stadium (soet), which was founded in 1897 and combines student disciplines, split off from the Sports Union of the Veterinary School (USEV), which was founded in 1899 by the French School of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Veterinary Medicine (CSM). It is noteworthy that it was the students who practiced sports, a sport whose existence in France is very recent (around 1872). In 1907, the two universities of veterinary medicine and sport merged in the same city (Universite de Paris - Saint-Germain-du-Louvain) and produced the so-called Stade Olympien de Veto - Sport - toulousain (for an essential abbreviation we will call it the "Stade de TOULOUSain").

The Stade Olympiien de Veto - Sport - toulousain, the main stadium of the University of Toulouse, has a capacity of 33,150 and is located in the city centre, on the outskirts of Paris - Saint-Germain-du-Louvain.

Besides bistros, cafés and boutiques, there are many opportunities to enjoy a leisurely lunch, taste one of the red wines of the region or simply chat with friends in a café au lait. It is a great place for a morning run and is a popular activity for locals and tourists alike, so you can cycle along the canal banks and enjoy the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Toulouse. Pensioners can also take part in local sporting events such as cycling, hiking, cycling and cycling to and from the stadium.

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More About Toulouse